Your manufacturing analytics made simple

Giving you a better vision of your factory's operations with near real-time metrics

How it all works

Step 1

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Step 2

When it's ready, we'll ship you your own Factobox with a free 30 days trial.

Step 3

Once you've received your Factobox, stick the device on the machine you want to monitor, and voilĂ !

Step 4

Congratulations! You can now monitor your machine's operations through a convenient dashboard and benefit from machine learning and efficient algorithms to get alerts, productivity analysis, maintenance information and much more!

How it helps you

Reduce your operating costs

Factoview offers several ways to save money such as production monitoring and quality control in real time, preventive maintenance of equipment and automation.

Increase your overall customer satisfaction

Factoview can help improving the overall quality of products and their compliance with customer requirements, through real-time quality controls.

Boost your productivity

The intelligent plant can anticipate and prevent downtime and optimize the maintenance and efficiency of equipment, thus optimizing the production line efficiency.

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You can subscribe to get priority access and be notified when Factoview is available. As a bonus, you'll get an early adopter discount!